Garage Doors with Style

Garage Door ElephantEver wanted to give your garage door the one up in the neighborhood? Maybe you want your neighbors to think that you have an elephant in your garage or just want to catch the eye of the passerby. Whatever your reasons may be it definitely adds a little spice to your garage door and helps it stand out a little more. Now is your chance to make your garage door stand out more than just a bucket of paint. When looking through the photos of the different garage doors that have been spiffed up, you just think…cool!

garage door dogI think this company came up with a very clever idea that will turn the head of many of the mailmen in the area. I think I would like to put one of these on my garage door just to watch the heads turn. If someone could set up a hidden camera to get the reactions of people, I think would be great idea. In fact if someone did that I would love to see the video.

These tarps are giant flexible photos designed for “up-and-over” garage doors, and they attach with Velcro. They have a variety of themes ranging from vehicles to landscapes to animals and more. They can be purchased at One of my favorites is the dump truck for double garage doors. Take a look at a few of my Favorites;

garage door alligator

Garage Door Airplane