Garage Door Opener HP

We all like to have a high powered vehicle, with lots of horsepower. For every guy it is the same with every machine we get. Though we may not come across a 300HP garage door opener (atleast not yet!) Horsepower is important when considering a garage door opener.or HP is very basic information you need to know. The horsepower will assure that the garage door opener has enough power to lift your garage door. Therefore make sure you have checked your garage door, including height, weight, balance and type of garage door.

For most single and double car garage doors (up to 350 lbs), the 1/2 HP is adequate.


The 1/2-horsepower motor is the most common type for residential use. It will work on one or two door garages. For heavier garage doors such as carriage house or solid wood garage doors, the 3/4-HP is ideal choice. The 3/4-HP is for super-heavy garage door (up to 500 lbs), more power is better than not enough. Don’t make the mistake of buying a 1/2-HP opener and installing it only to find out that you need a stronger opener to open your garage door.


Winter is Coming! Get the Garage Door Ready!

As winter slowly approaches ,slowly we do not want to rush it, we need to make some winter preparations to ensure the longevity of our garage door. Nothing is worse than having your garage door fail when you are on your way to work and it is below zero outside. As well with out proper care the element may do more damage.

It’s always a good idea to check the operation of your garage door and opener as the seasons change. Small fluctuations in temperature and moisture in the air can cause your garage door or opener to need minor adjustments. Firs

Steps to Winter Prep!

If you haven’t sealed you wooden garage door, now would be a good time. Also make sure all moving parts are well lubricated and in working order. Check your weather stripping. If it looks a little worse for wear, replace it.

If you are expecting a cold winter and your garage is attached to your house, consider insulating your garage door. The R-value on a garage door tell you how well it insulates. You might think that it isn’t important to insulate your garage, but there are several reasons why it’s necessary. If you happen to spend more time than usual in your garage, like if you have a workshop there, for example, then you’ll definitely be aware of the importance of insulation.

But your garage is also affected by its connection to the rest of your house, particularly if you have a room above it. Of course, if your garage isn’t attached to your house, you can get a garage door with a low R-value, or even no insulation at all.

The R-value you choose to use will depend on what is available in your region, the amount of money you want to spend and how much insulation you want to have.