Liftmaster VS Genie

LiftMaster vs GENIE

The battle is on! Who will stand on top! Unfortunately we can’t actually throw the two openers in a ring and watch them go at it. Umm… maybe we could get some representatives from the company…wait…that’s another blog.

When trying to choose the right opener for you there are a lot of things to consider. Maybe you’re like me a do not like to spend a dime BUT still want the best bang for your buck. Over the next couple days I am going to gather the good, the bad and the ugly or each brand.

We are going to examine the features of each product, DIY rating (How easy is it for the average Joe to install, fix and maintain) and of course price.

ROUND 1 – Pricing

It seems that the second thing we look at when looking for a product, no matter what it is, is the price. We tend to go “Ooooh, that’s nice…(then glance down at the price tag)…ummm…..let me think…” All of us have been there, whether buying the big screen TV or a bag of chips at the corner store. That is why the first thing I want to clear the air with is the price. When taking a first glance at the 1/2 HP garage door openers, you will notice that the price range for the GENIE overhead door openers ranges from $133 t0 $196 USD. While the LiftMaster garage door openers ranges from $140 to $280 USD. Though not a huge difference in price it’s good to have that out in the open.

ROUND 2 – Functions

The battle is on! Well when we compare the functions that are offered between both garage door openers. I know what you are thinking… it is a garage door opener, you push the button it opens, you type the code it opens. Well not anymore, I am sorry GENIE you took a hard hit with this one, since the release of the MyQ technology (introduced by LiftMaster), LiftMaster has an arm up on this one. (Learn about it more here ). This is an app that actually makes opening and closing your garage door fun!


Access your Garage during a Power outage

Power Outage

Lightning = Power Outage

I thought I was the only one! Stuck outside of my garage and the power is out. Sure I could go through the front door, but I need access to my garage! Actually 93% of home owners have experienced a power outage in the last year alone.

It is amazing how dependent we have become on our garage doors. A survey was taken that showed 70% of Home Owners rely on there garage door as the main entrance to there home. If many times we will leave the house without a house key to do a couple errands and rely solely on the key pad for the garage. What do we do though if the power goes out? Some have been locked outside of their homes for several days with no access until the power turns on.

Of course if we are already in side that is easy. We can go into our garage pull the cord, to disengage the opener, and tada! We are now free, but there is another problem, with the power out we have to engage the garage door again. Otherwise our house would be insecure.

The easiest option is getting a garage door opener with battery backup. Both LiftMaster and Chamberlain offer garage door openers with such a feature.

The battery back-up openers control only the doors, not the lights. That’s to save power. The opener will operate for 20 up-and-down cycles, which should get people through almost any power outage.

For more information about what to do during a power outage visit: