Do I need to Maintain my Garage Door?

Garage Door Maintenance

The better you maintain and clean your garage door, the longer it will last. The best way to get the most out of your garage door is to maintain it regularly and, when you notice a problem, to look into it immediately before further damage can occur.

You can begin by simply cleaning your garage doors with a mild detergent using a soft car brush four times a year( only four times, that is like once every 3 months). Some people remember to clean their doors whenever they wash their car. Washing your garage doors regularly will reduce the build up of corrosive elements. Avoid using any abrasive cleaners or corrosive chemicals on or around your garage doors. In Chicago’s winter, it is tempting to salt your driveway. However, you should avoid using salt to melt snow near the garage door as it may corrode the metals or other elements of the garage door.

Wooden garage doors should be cleaned and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Generally, they recommend you paint them initially on both the inside and outside and repaint the exterior surface every year or two. If you finish only the outside of a garage door, the door may warp due to moisture infiltration.

Finally, keep the area under the door where it meets the ground free of obstructions. This area tends to build up dirt, leaves, cobwebs, snow, ice, and everything else you can think of – all of which prevents the door from creating a solid seal with the ground and potentially affecting the weight distribution and alignment of the garage door


Garage Doors | Increasing Home Value

Spending Money on a Garage Door.
Is it Worth it?

According to research 71% of home owners believe that upgrading their garage door of there home would increase the value of their home. Were they correct? When real estate agents were shown “before” and “after” photos of houses that upgraded with new, stylish garage doors, they increased the estimated list price of the home anywhere from one to four percent. That means a $2,000 investment in a garage door could potentially increase the value of your home by as much as $7,000 if you’re selling a $175,000 home.

When we take a snap shot of the front of a home, in most cases the garage door will take up one third of the house. Thus by changing the style and adding chic design or a more modern appeal can give it that punch that you were looking for.

As well, depending on the area you live in, garage doors with certain features will have more appeal. Example, a reinforced door that can help prevent damage from hurricanes. In fact researchers point out that the main entry point for severe winds to a home during a hurricane is the garage. Not only does the design matter but the “muscle” behind it.

With that in mind and understanding the value of a good quality garage door, will certainly up the value of any home.

Garage Door Springs | 4 things your need to know

Garage Door Springs | 4 things your need to know

Yes it is true, I am talking about Garage Door Springs. Garage Door Springs are very important but at the same time very dangerous. WARNING! Garage door springs, whether torsion spring or linear spring assemblies, can cause severe injury or death if improperly handled when adjusting. If adjustment is necessary, call a professional!

1) Torsion Springs (located above the door) are now the most common type of garage door springs.

2) Most doors require two springs that work in tandum to make your door system work smoothly. Spring pairs should be replaced together, since the mate is likely to fail soon after the first. We often think

3) Correct spring size is determined by factors such as the weight and height of the door. For example, garage door springs are designed to accommodate the original intended weight of the door. If additional weight is added to the door sections after the original door installation, the door could become unbalanced such that operation is not smooth, possibly even resulting in damaged or broken springs.

4. If your garage door is out of balance or has a broken spring it will adversely affect your garage door opener motor as it could become overworked or cease functioning.

Garage Door Hacker?!?

OH MY! I’ve Been Hacked!

We’ve heard of cyber hackers, but garage door hackers!?! Can you garage door really be hacked?

If you rely on a handheld gadget to be the gatekeeper of some of your most precious possessions can sometimes backfire. If you’ve ever taken a look inside your garage door opener to replace its batteries, or perhaps because you dropped it on the ground, you may have noticed a plethora of tiny wires and contact points. Hackers can easily modify a standard door opener to accept a USB port, and software is readily available on the web to modify how it operates. A number of tutorials can be found online to walk an amateur hacker through the process of hacking your garage door in just minutes.

Thankfully, this vulnerability is typically only an issue for older garage door systems, and newer, more sophisticated openers use a rolling code that changes each time it is used. However, if your opener was made more than 5 years ago, there’s a good chance it can easily be hacked, so consider upgrading if you can.

Garage Door Prevents Break In: New Security Feature

Garage Door Security

Garage Door Security we like to see!  “Photo Courtesy of”

Brockton, Massachusetts tried to break in through the garage door of a Rent-A-Center. But his thieving plans came to a sudden halt, when the metal bed frame that he was using to prop the garage door open collapsed. Pinning his head to the ground.

Stuck for nine hours, Fernandes was discovered by the store manager John Rodriguez at 9 a.m. and attempted to claim that he was in fact there to fix the door. Really if you saw your “Repair Man” pinned under the garage would you believe him?

Watch the full story below.