Liftmaster | MyQ

Technology is definitely making our lives easier. I remember having to get out of the car to open the garage for my Dad when we got home from the store. As I got older and we got an automatic garage door opener we thought “WOW this is amazing!”. Then the usual happens, that little button we push becomes so little that we forget about it. We pull away from the house, get on to the highway and realize that we left the garage door open. Now we have to turn around and fight traffic once again. With the MyQ technology from LiftMaster it now makes up for our forgetfulness. Easily access your overhead doors and see if they are open or closed through any SmartPhone. But not only can you access your overhead doors but you can also access your lights! Giving you that extra peace of mind and security. Learn more about LiftMaster MyQ on their website.


Open my Garage with my Iphone?

indexTo say that our lives would fall apart without our cell phone is probably the biggest understatement of the year.  Planner, work schedule, family outings, music player, sleep monitor; you name it, our phone does it. But now, when it comes to your garage door *dramatic drum roll*, theres an app for that too! I was looking for some gadgets for my iPhone and I came across this, “Open your Garage Door with your iPhone”. The MyDoorOpener app is a hardware/software solution for turning your iPhone into a garage door opener.

garagedooropenerThat’s right, to replace one garage door opener, you need two things (iPhone & transistor)! The good thing is that you will have your iPhone on you anyway, and if you do not have homelink, it is one less thing you have to search for when you pull into the driveway. Have we lost you yet? Ok, we admit it, It’s not simple for everyone, but it’s not rocket science, either.  All the instructions and details are at, and they provide schematics so you can make the stuff yourself, instead of buying some black box which pinches your wallet.

For those of you who aren’t a fan of apple operating system and have any other smart phone, unfortunately the app still isn’t available. But no worries, Sanford and Son is here to save the day and give you the remotes you need, and at the lowest price possible.