15 Things Needed in Every Garage

A dry-erase board in the garage will come in handy because it will help you remember things that are specifically related to that area of your house. Good things to write down include garage opener maintenance steps, shopping lists for the hardware store, and evacuation plans.

Fire Extinguisher - Handy Mans Friend

Fire Extinguisher – Handy Mans Friend

The fire extinguisher is probably one of the most important things you can have. Most garages are framed out by cinder blocks on 3 sides…the 4th side is usually connected to your house. Not a good place for a fire.

Keeping a spare remote inside certainly isn’t a necessity. It will, however, spare you the annoyance of troubleshooting problems at an inconvenient time. Stow replacements with similar items that only need replacing a few times a year.

Most air handlers are located inside the garage. It makes sense then, that you’d store the filters in here. A good idea is to write yourself a note on the dry-erase board so you can easily see when you last changed it.

Bottled water is a life saver. Keep some in the garage in case the car overheats, for spills, in case you get super thirsty, or whatever.

You never know when you’ll need a first-aid kit. Why bother running all the way through the house when you could keep a travel kit in the garage?

Storage bins are, well, great for storing stuff. Most are stackable, so unused pieces won’t take up much space. Keeping several on hand will help keep you from accumulating needlessly unorganized piles of stuff.

Need a Bat?

Need a Bat?

Keep a baseball bat on hand for self-defense. Even if you have no intention of using it, it will make you feel better. Just trust me on this one.

Nearly every mechanic keeps bags of kitty litter on hand for greasy spills. It’s super absorbant, cheap, and will save on clean-up efforts.

With the growing popularity of energy-efficient bulbs, replacing light bulbs isn’t something you do very often. Try storing several different wattages (wrapped in muslin or sandwich bags) in one of your storage bins for safe keeping.

In either 9 or 12 volts, a battery charger is definitely something you want to keep in the garage. You’ll never need to ask for jumper cables again. Plus, as a bonus, many models also come equipped with emergency radio features and even air compressors. Talk about a multi-tool!

You’ll want to be extra cautious when storing spare home keys, but it’s one of those precautions worth taking. Think long and hard about a safe hiding spot. You might want to add an encrypted note for yourself on the dry-erase board with a hint that only you’d be able to figure out.

A broom is essential if you’d like to prevent tracking mud, dirt, and other grime into your home. Consider hanging one on either side of the door to keep this pesky foot traffic residue to a minimum.

Emergency contact numbers (think: doctor, mechanic, child’s pediatrician, poison/animal control) are ideal bits of information to store on the dry-erase board. These are the kind of numbers you’ll want close by if the need arises.

Silica beads (the micro-beads you find tucked into shoe packages and inside coat pockets) are perfect to keep moisture away from items that shouldn’t get wet. You can buy them in bulk from a home improvement store, or simply place them in a sandwich bag as you find them. Just make sure they’re kept in a safe location; away from the reach of pets and small children.


Simple Garage Door Insulation Tip

For many of us, myself included, to be told how to do something can be beneficial but to be shown how to do something is ten times better. With winter already beginning in many States we are starting to feel the chill. I found this nice video that helps demonstrate how we can easily save some warmth and some money at the same time.

Video Courtesy of Conservation Tips with David Mars

Open Garage Door: Invitation to Thief

We all know that if we leave our garage door open, we are in fact inviting someone to come and take our stuff. I had a boss that once said that “Locks are to keep honest people away”. Therefore if we do not even do the basic to protect our garage. The fault hangs on us.

Though sometimes it is those inside of the house we need to watch. As reported by clevland.com, a 16 year old girl decided to take the family vehicle for a spin. After having her fun she decided to return home, but was still lacking in driving skills. She end up popping the front tires and losing control as she turned a corner. The car flew across several lawns, then came to a halt.

The surprising thing about the story is that the girl after destroying the family car. Abandons the car, walks home and goes to sleep. I wonder what her expression was when her parents woke up and noticed the car was missing.

Lesson to learn: Parents, keep the garage door opener and keys to the car in a safe place!