Garage Door Opener Wiring?

When it comes to wiring a garage door opener there are some things generally you keep in mind. Number 1; SAFETY! Not all wiring should be done by the common Joe. Failure to wire a garage door opener properly could result in short the garage door opener itself or worse, injury,

When I first saw how this person wired there garage door opener, in what seems to be a detached garage, I thought “HA HA” that’s funny. Then I thought, “Oh My! someone is going to get hurt”.

The video shows clearly what to do. Not only with the excessive amount of cable, but you also missing a proper ground which could cause your garage door opener to fry if the cables got wet or there was a lightning storm.


Garage Door Keeping You Awake?

Is you garage door so noisy that you can tell what it opens and closes, even when you are on the other side of the house? First thing you want to do is make sure that all the fasteners are secure. If the garage door is not secure it is most likely the noise is caused by the rattling of the garage door.

Garage Door Grease

The second thing you want to check is make sure your garage door is well lubricated. Make sure that all moving parts are greased properly. Use some garage door grease and apply to the needed areas.

Garage Door Rollers

Garage Door Roller

Garage Door Roller

Third thing is to check your rollers. Make sure there is nothing on the track. Check to make sure the rollers are in good condition. Nylon garage door rollers are generally quieter then steel rollers. You can pick a pair of garage door rollers up for under twenty dollars.

Garage Solar Heating [The DIY Weekend Project]

As winter approaches we are already looking for ways to warm ourselves up, even though it’s not quite that cold yet. But if you spend a lot of time in your garage, you know that a hot cocoa or snifter of Brandy will only go so far. Till you feel that chill and have to go back inside and leave your project for another day. Now we have talked about some conventional heaters, though these can cause your electrical bill to go up. (If it wasn’t high enough)

Garage Solar Heating

Garage Solar Panel

If your garage door faces south you can build a set of passive solar doors that will provide heat and light, reducing your energy expenses during winter for around $400 in materials.

Solar project resource site Build It Solar notes that plans for the solar enclosure do not block opening and closing your rolling garage door; they actually recommend lowering your door at night to help avoid avoid heat loss. You can also add a layer of thermal shades for additional heat retention. The additional doors are installed outside on the frame of your existing garage door.

For about $400.00 in materials, you can build a set of passive solar garage doors that will reduce your energy expenses and keep you warm and toasty in your garage during the winter.

These solar garage doors will not block your existing garage doors from opening and closing like normal.  The additional solar garage doors are installed outside the frame of your existing garage doors.  They become an added layer that keeps the winter air out of the garage while allowing the sun’s rays to provide heat and light.  If you feel so inclined, you can even add a layer of thermal shades for additional heat retention.

Pool Noodle | Garage Door Winter Uses

Save you Noodles, Protect your car!

Came across something that I though was quite handy. With the approach of winter man are clearing out there garage in an effort to fit their car inside during the winter. Nothing like having to clear the snow off your car while it is freezing outside.

Generally one of the biggest problems in putting our car in the garage is hitting the car door against the wall. Well here is a simple solution. Before storing your pool noodles for the winter, fasten one against the wall so that when you open your car door you also save the paint. This should avoid scratching your car doors as long as you don’t hit the bolt heads. I’d recommend taking a bit of leftover pool noodle material and gluing it to the bolt heads to prevent scratches from that surface. It is cheap, simple and practical.

Open Garage Door: Invitation to Thief

We all know that if we leave our garage door open, we are in fact inviting someone to come and take our stuff. I had a boss that once said that “Locks are to keep honest people away”. Therefore if we do not even do the basic to protect our garage. The fault hangs on us.

Though sometimes it is those inside of the house we need to watch. As reported by, a 16 year old girl decided to take the family vehicle for a spin. After having her fun she decided to return home, but was still lacking in driving skills. She end up popping the front tires and losing control as she turned a corner. The car flew across several lawns, then came to a halt.

The surprising thing about the story is that the girl after destroying the family car. Abandons the car, walks home and goes to sleep. I wonder what her expression was when her parents woke up and noticed the car was missing.

Lesson to learn: Parents, keep the garage door opener and keys to the car in a safe place!

Preparing Your Garage for the winter!

Snow at Garage Door

As winter approaches many people give consideration to their windows, finding adequate storage for summer item and even the lawn. In many cases the garage is overlooked. Whether you have an attached or detached garage, preparation is still needed in order to protect your valuables and the garage mechanisms itself.

Attached garages come with many conveniences such as evading the snow or rain when returning home from grocery shopping. Or grabbing the tool you need with out having to face the outside elements, or having your neighbors see you in your pajamas when you need to get the screwdriver after the toilet paper holder just fell off. In any case the attached garage is part of the home. This could mean that water pipes or heating ducts run through the garage. In this case they should be properly insulated to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Weather Stripping

If your garage is heated, make sure you have adequate overhead insulation as well check the weather stripping on your garage door to prevent unnecessary heat lose. Overhead garage doors get quite a workout all year and the weather stripping can wear out quickly. Make sure the gaps at the bottom, sides and top of the door are properly sealed. Also check access doors for a good insulating seal. If you feel a draft or can see light or visible cracks, replace the weather stripping.

Preparing a garage for winter can save you money on your heating bills, protect its contents from the weather, and prevent accidental air and water leaks. If your garage is poorly insulated or your overhead door is in need of repair or replacement, it’s best to get it taken care of before the harshest of winter weather arrives. Insulation, weather stripping and attention to exposed pipes will go a long way towards protecting your property.