Preparing Your Garage for the winter!

Snow at Garage Door

As winter approaches many people give consideration to their windows, finding adequate storage for summer item and even the lawn. In many cases the garage is overlooked. Whether you have an attached or detached garage, preparation is still needed in order to protect your valuables and the garage mechanisms itself.

Attached garages come with many conveniences such as evading the snow or rain when returning home from grocery shopping. Or grabbing the tool you need with out having to face the outside elements, or having your neighbors see you in your pajamas when you need to get the screwdriver after the toilet paper holder just fell off. In any case the attached garage is part of the home. This could mean that water pipes or heating ducts run through the garage. In this case they should be properly insulated to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Weather Stripping

If your garage is heated, make sure you have adequate overhead insulation as well check the weather stripping on your garage door to prevent unnecessary heat lose. Overhead garage doors get quite a workout all year and the weather stripping can wear out quickly. Make sure the gaps at the bottom, sides and top of the door are properly sealed. Also check access doors for a good insulating seal. If you feel a draft or can see light or visible cracks, replace the weather stripping.

Preparing a garage for winter can save you money on your heating bills, protect its contents from the weather, and prevent accidental air and water leaks. If your garage is poorly insulated or your overhead door is in need of repair or replacement, it’s best to get it taken care of before the harshest of winter weather arrives. Insulation, weather stripping and attention to exposed pipes will go a long way towards protecting your property.