Replacing a Lock on your Garage!

Key snaps, handle breaks what to do next. That small lock on your garage can easily be replaced. While most people have garage door openers, the lock on the door adds an extra barrier of security.

Step 1: Start with the garage door closed and the latch in the handle fully engaged. Use a pair of vise grips to grip the track on either side of the garage door. This will prevent the garage door from moving when you remove and replace the lock.

Step 2: Detach the cable rods from the lock. They should be located on the inside of the garage door on the lock handle. Most are attached with screws, so you’ll need a screwdriver to remove them. Others clip into place without any detachable fasteners.

Step 3: Remove the fasteners that hold the actual garage door lock handle into place. There are usually two screws that must be pulled out.

Step 4: Pull the inside of the garage door lock handle until it comes free from the garage door.

Step 5: Go to the front of the garage door and pull out the front portion of the garage lock.

Step 6: Push the inside portion of the new garage door lock handle into place through the hole.

Step 7: On the other side of the door, press the door handle into place. Make sure that the two pieces fit together properly and can be turned to operate the handle easily.

TIP: This step requires the help of someone who can press the outside piece of the handle into place.

Step 8: Install the two screws included with the garage door lock with a screwdriver to secure the two pieces of the handle together.

Step 9: Attach the cable rod to the new handle. Attach the door handle to the metal bar on the garage door.

Step 10: Test the handle, making sure the lock fully works and operates the cable rod and center bar properly. When you are satisfied, remove the vise grips.

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