Tips to avoid Break-in

Precision Door and the St. Charles Police Department are offering the following TIPS:


1. Lock all doors that lead into your house from the garage.
2. Make sure your garage door is shut and secure at night.
3. Close and lock all windows in your garage at night.
4. Lock all cars parked inside and outside the garage, do not leave remotes laying in visible areas.
5. Make sure the garage door is not disengaged from the opener, this allows the door to be manually opened.
6. Do not let children play with your car keys, they might accidentally unlock your car or open your garage door.
7. Report any suspicious activity to your local police department.

Take Extra Precaution: A Thief can Still Break-In Easily

If you have taken the above precautions, a trained thief can still possibly gain entrance through your garage door.   See our previous blog posting that shows how easily it is for a trained thief to open your garage door, and how an easy an inexpensive precaution could stop them.


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