When your Garage Door gets you down!

man-pulling-hair-out-21Yes it has happened to all of us, we are in a rush and the garage door will not close. It seems that it just has a mind of its own. You push the button and it comes about 10 inches to the ground then starts going back up again. STOP pulling out your hair, I know I have been there it is frustrating. Let’s look at a few remedies that can help us relieve our frustration.

Quick Garage Door Fix

If your in a hurry try this; Go to your garage door opener and pull the release bar to disconnect the garage door from the garage door opener. Next close the garage. Now that was easy. But what about security? If you do not have a lock to your garage door use a pair of vise-grips and pinch it on the track just above the wheels. This will prevent someone from lifting the garage. It is not a permanent solution but it will prevent you from losing your mind. Now your only frustration is the traffic to work!

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