Common Mistakes: Installing Garage Doors


DIY Garage Install

Garage door installation is now considered as one of the projects at home that homeowners can do themselves. In the past, installation of garage doors was mainly done by door contractors and professionals because of the heavy equipment and the technicalities of the connections.

Today, there are now many DIY kits about door installation which guide homeowners to do the task by themselves. Unfortunately, due to the lack of knowledge, most homeowners commit mistakes during the installation process.

If you ask the experts, they will tell you that even minor errors can cause a major damage in the long run. For beginners, this list of common mistakes will really be helpful:

  • Lots of people create plans on the door installation themselves but fail to plot the interior of the garage. The position of the garage door must correlate very well to the garage interior especially in terms of wirings and fixtures. There are numerous homeowners who commonly make the mistake of putting a light fixture or an outlet in the middle of the ceiling which is primarily where the door motor lift will be installed.
  • Another common but very dangerous mistake is installing the lift motor slightly off-center from the assembly. Some people have this misconception that this off-center connection will give room for obstructions but what they do not know is that the door can twist during operation which will then cause damage to other parts. You will end up paying more because of the repairs that you will be doing for your door.
  • Experienced contractors are well conscious of the importance of adjusting the garage door openers and their lift mechanisms until the gasket seal reaches the floor. There are some homeowners who do not make adjustments which can cause air to leak out at the bottom of the door. They have to be aware that the first panel should touch the floor. Doors are supposed to help in insulation and having an open space completely defeats the purpose. You always need to be keen on adjustments. If your tuning comes up short, there will be no seal and if you adjust too much, the door will be too stressed.
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