Garage Door Parts-How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Ordering

All garage door parts orders are not created equal.

Let’s say you’ve never ordered cable drums before, and are not familiar with pricing.  You think “I need two,” so you put quantity “2″ in the shopping cart.  But drums come in pairs. Imagine seeing a larger-than-expected package in on your doorstep.  You open the package immediately to see why your garage door parts order is being shipped in such large packaging.  Upon opening the package, you discover that you have four cable drums to repair your single garage door.  What went wrong?

When ordering something like cable drums, customers would be well-advised to check the shipping unit.  The same goes for cables themselves.  Both are examples of garage door parts sold in pairs. Extension springs are easy to mistake also-you will need to order two when replacing two; they don’t sell in pairs (please see the garage door extension springs page for more tips on ordering).

We hope you are having a safe winter–stay tuned for more tips when ordering garage door parts.

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