With Winter Comes Salt

Clean That Floor!

Clean That Floor!

It seems that as the winter progresses we tend to accumulate more salt on our garage floor. Even if we are not an avid user of salt we tend to track it in from the city streets. So what can we do? Well first we do not want to have salt in out garage, why? Salt corrodes and if we allow it to be there for an extended period of time it can damage our garage floors, especially if they are concrete. As well if we have a wooded garage door this can do damage to our garage door. What is the solution? Well we have to clean it of course. How?

The easiest way to clean the garage floor is with a pressure washer. This will help break apart what a normal hose can not. Though we are using a pressure washer we may need to use a wired brush to get up what the pressure washer leaves behind.

Summer Tips: During the summer try to treat your garage door floor by either painting it or adding a sealant. This will protect the floor and make it easier to remove salt in the future.

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