Does it Matter? Garage Opener HP

When looking around the internet to try to find the answer to “How much Horse Power do I need for my Garage Door Opener?”. I get a varied response. Some even say;

“The horsepower rating of a door opener is a sales gimmick. If the door is properly maintained the smallest opener will work with no problems.”

Is that really so? In some ways maybe. But if there is any dust or grime in the tracks that could cause extra friction, this could put extra strain and stress on the motor (if it is not powerful enough) causing it to burn out. Below is a simple rule of thumb to keep in mind.

HP Rule of Thumb for Residential Garage Doors:

  1. Single width door – 1/3 HP will do the job for all but the heaviest doors. For extra heavy doors use 1/2 HP.
  2. Two car garage door – 1/2 HP for most doors. Extra heavy doors such as carriage style doors use 3/4 HP.
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