Turn Down the Garage Door Volume

Most homeowners do not know that the noise pollution on their garage door can be easily and quickly fixed without having to call a service man. Generally, the majority of noise from garage doors comes from the springs and hardware such as the hinges. Neglected springs and hardware can easily rust over time, causing strain to be put on the parts. This strain is the source of the grinding, grating, and “screechy” noise, that we all flinch at when we have to open and close our garage door. The good news is this problem is easily preventable and easy to fix!

First off beware that the springs have an immense amount of tension on them at all times, especially when the door is in the down position, so be careful and be sure to not mess with any screws or bolts, especially do not try to adjust the tension spring!! Next, apply oil to the springs and wipe it down real well with a rag. This ensure the oil gets in between the coils. Any oil will do, but we have found the best lubricant for these springs is motor oil. After you have lubricated the springs, take a light spray oil (WD-40 is perfect) and apply to the hinges and track (where the rollers are on the side of the door). Wipe away any excess oil on the hinges that might run down onto the door. Be sure to repeat these steps every 3-6 months! This will keep your door quiet and you happy!

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