Replace Garage Door – Is it worth the cost?

inspecting-garage-doorIt comes to a point when you’re looking at your garage door and wondering should I fix it or replace it? Painting an old dented and nicked garage door is one upgrade that improves its appearance, but replacing an old door with a new one can make even your house look like new, and even get a couple double takes from your neighbors. While you can hide a less than perfect garage door with your car parked in front of it, a new steel door is designed for years of daily use. When you shop, you’ll find a variety of styles and materials in today’s garage doors and find one to complement the architecture of your home that operates efficiently and effortlessly.

A garage door company will replace a standard two-car garage door for roughly $900, give or take (depending on the model), which includes a good quality steel door and its installation. You can buy the door for close to $650 and install it yourself, pocketing 46 percent, but it’s a lot of work. If you have carpentry experience, figure it will take you a solid day of work, longer if you’re a beginner. Especially if you’re a beginner, you can replace a garage door, but we don’t think you should. This is a job best left to an installer who does it every day and who has the experience to get it right the first time. It’s not assembling the door panels and installing them that’s tricky; Though it doesn’t matter if you have carpentry experience or you are a handy man, the springs are best left for the professionals.

The main point is count the cost. You may save a lot of money by making the garage door install a DIY project, but also consider the time. As well look at whether or not you need to replace your garage door. If it is a safety concern replace it, if not you might be able to wait a bit.

Safety Tip: Be careful handling the counterweight springs, which are under substantial tension, especially when the door is down.

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  1. Too many times I passed over this blog, and that was a blunder. I’m delighted I will be back!

  2. You highlight great points here in cost versus benefit. The benefit of doing it yourself is an initial saving on the garage door. I say initial because it can easily become to hard or to much for a beginner or something could go wrong in turn costing more money to fix the mistake or get an installer than if a person starts by going through a professional company. The benefit of hiring a professional is a quality job, a warranty on the work done, and a nice low stress level that accompanies a professional doing a job sure to have your stress nice and high. In the cost versus savings I have to agree that what your potentially going to save just isn’t worth it and the cost can be much greater than a professional from the start.


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