Garage Door Keeping You Awake?

Is you garage door so noisy that you can tell what it opens and closes, even when you are on the other side of the house? First thing you want to do is make sure that all the fasteners are secure. If the garage door is not secure it is most likely the noise is caused by the rattling of the garage door.

Garage Door Grease

The second thing you want to check is make sure your garage door is well lubricated. Make sure that all moving parts are greased properly. Use some garage door grease and apply to the needed areas.

Garage Door Rollers

Garage Door Roller

Garage Door Roller

Third thing is to check your rollers. Make sure there is nothing on the track. Check to make sure the rollers are in good condition. Nylon garage door rollers are generally quieter then steel rollers. You can pick a pair of garage door rollers up for under twenty dollars.

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  1. I am totally agreed with you that our Garage doors should be always be greased so that they easily open and close.

  2. Great post! I can’t say how many nights I said I need to do something about that garage door. I didn’t realize the ease of greasing it. I found a bad roller so I called a pro. Mainly because garage doors can be dangerous to work on and I want it done right. Anyway great post.


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