Open Garage Door: Invitation to Thief

We all know that if we leave our garage door open, we are in fact inviting someone to come and take our stuff. I had a boss that once said that “Locks are to keep honest people away”. Therefore if we do not even do the basic to protect our garage. The fault hangs on us.

Though sometimes it is those inside of the house we need to watch. As reported by, a 16 year old girl decided to take the family vehicle for a spin. After having her fun she decided to return home, but was still lacking in driving skills. She end up popping the front tires and losing control as she turned a corner. The car flew across several lawns, then came to a halt.

The surprising thing about the story is that the girl after destroying the family car. Abandons the car, walks home and goes to sleep. I wonder what her expression was when her parents woke up and noticed the car was missing.

Lesson to learn: Parents, keep the garage door opener and keys to the car in a safe place!

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  1. This post is really fantastic. You have shared great content of garage door. I have read it 4 times.

  2. It’s probably the weakest part in most people’s home security. Taking a few minutes to make sure it’s secure can make a huge difference!


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