Garage Door Springs | 4 things your need to know

Garage Door Springs | 4 things your need to know

Yes it is true, I am talking about Garage Door Springs. Garage Door Springs are very important but at the same time very dangerous. WARNING! Garage door springs, whether torsion spring or linear spring assemblies, can cause severe injury or death if improperly handled when adjusting. If adjustment is necessary, call a professional!

1) Torsion Springs (located above the door) are now the most common type of garage door springs.

2) Most doors require two springs that work in tandum to make your door system work smoothly. Spring pairs should be replaced together, since the mate is likely to fail soon after the first. We often think

3) Correct spring size is determined by factors such as the weight and height of the door. For example, garage door springs are designed to accommodate the original intended weight of the door. If additional weight is added to the door sections after the original door installation, the door could become unbalanced such that operation is not smooth, possibly even resulting in damaged or broken springs.

4. If your garage door is out of balance or has a broken spring it will adversely affect your garage door opener motor as it could become overworked or cease functioning.

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  1. Yes Garage Door Springs are very important . If these springs are not working properly or it broken in between then it became a reason of death. Your blog is very informative about Garage door springs. Thanks for sharing these lot of information with us.

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     /  August 16, 2012

    Thank you for your information!

  3. Thanks for share the information.

  4. thanks for this information.


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