Garage Door Hacker?!?

OH MY! I’ve Been Hacked!

We’ve heard of cyber hackers, but garage door hackers!?! Can you garage door really be hacked?

If you rely on a handheld gadget to be the gatekeeper of some of your most precious possessions can sometimes backfire. If you’ve ever taken a look inside your garage door opener to replace its batteries, or perhaps because you dropped it on the ground, you may have noticed a plethora of tiny wires and contact points. Hackers can easily modify a standard door opener to accept a USB port, and software is readily available on the web to modify how it operates. A number of tutorials can be found online to walk an amateur hacker through the process of hacking your garage door in just minutes.

Thankfully, this vulnerability is typically only an issue for older garage door systems, and newer, more sophisticated openers use a rolling code that changes each time it is used. However, if your opener was made more than 5 years ago, there’s a good chance it can easily be hacked, so consider upgrading if you can.

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  1. Yes you are right we always need to prevent our garage from Garage Door Hackers. Thanks a lot for giving us information about garage door hackers…..

  2. This is irritating when we have deal with garage door hacker.This post has done a great job about the garage door hacker by giving some information.Some review of garage door openers was awesome.This post may relate here

  3. James Shoffner

     /  October 29, 2012

    There is a belief that garage doors can not be opened due to the use of rolling codes, In reality any garage door can be opened. All doors, including doors using high security locks such as Keso, Seargent, ETC, can be opened as well.


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