Is Your Garage Door just holding in the Junk?

My Car used to Fit!!

It seems it happens to all of us. We slowly start to accumulate more and more things. It may start with that old antique chair that our neighbor is throwing out and we say “you can’t throw this out!” Later you promise yourself that you are going to fix it up and make it shine like new. Soon you see more things that get stuffed into you garage, and more promises of things you are going to fix up.

After a while though your garage may get a little cluttered, before you could get your car in without a problem, now not so much. You have to squeeze yourself past everything just to get at the snow shovel in the back. Your garage door has now become a barrier to hold the junk in.

How can we stop using our garage door as barrier to hold back the junk that is ready to burst out? Here are a few tips that can help change your garage into a garage and not just a dumping ground.

1) Keep it off the floor

Photo by Andrew McCaul

What do you do when you are finished shoveling the driveway or raking the lawn? We tend to just throw it in the corner, it gets knocked over and that is just the beginning of the clutter. Try this, get a peg board strong enough to take some weight and add some nice hooks to it. This will enable you to hang neatly in your garage the things that normally just got thrown into the corner

2) Shelves, Shelves, Shelves


Along the lines of keeping it of the floor this also includes SHELVES. Yes not everything can be put on a hook, that old 8-track player that you found in your garage, and you promised yourself you would get around to fixing it so that you can listen to your old “Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers” tracks, needs a place to stay. Do it Yourself Network has a very simple way to install shelves, adding some organization to your garage clutter.

3) Hide it!

Maybe your embarrassed about your 8-track player and do not want everyone entering your garage to see. Well then you need to hide it! I don’t mean shove it behind the box full of your old winter clothing. Install some cabinets in your garage. You can usually find some low cost cabinets that you can install in your garage, that are as simple as installing shelves.

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